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להתחיל מחדש | Start Over

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After a tragic event, a mafia boss fakes his death to start a new life but

discovers that in the mafia, it’s easier to bury your enemies than your past.


Drama, Crime

Page count

55 (Ep. 1)

Nominations & Awards

Rhode Island International Film Festival 2021 - Semi-Finalist (Academy Award Qualifying; winners TBA)

Scario Film Festival 2021 - Nominated (winners TBA)


Television Script, in development

Social media


Series Bible

PDF available upon request


"As in life, I think that when a conflict arises between two people, both of them can be completely sure of their righteousness, and in many cases, if we look from the side without judging them in advance, we can relate to both sides and understand them.“ - Scario interview

"It can be very difficult to "break up" with the characters I have written" - FilmCon interview

"None of us are born with hatred" - Awareness Magazine

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