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מעבר לחומה | Over the Wall

Project type

עלילתי, דרמה

מפגש מקרי בין ילד ישראלי לילד פלסטיני, מוביל אותם לגלות שהמציאות שונה ממה שסיפרו להם.

לצפיה בסרט:


A coincidental meeting between an Israeli boy and a Palestinian boy leads them to discover that reality is different than what they have been told.



Written & Directed by

Roy Zafrani

Produced by

Mor Cohen, Nami Melumad, Roy Zafrani


Adi Weiss, Assi Goffer, Einav Markel, Mor Cohen, Ido Weiss

Director of Photography

Mathias Zagoni

Original Score

Nami Melumad

Nominations & Awards

Phoenix Film Festival 2019 - Best World Cinema Short

Moscow Shorts 2019 - Best Film

Marina del Rey Film Festival 2018 - Best Youth Film

Chandler International Film Festival 2018 - Best Screenplay

London Independent Film Awards 2017 - Best Screenplay

LA Indie Film Fest 2017 - Best Screenplay

International Independent Film Awards 2016 - Best Screenplay

South Film and Arts Academy Festival 2017 - Best Screenplay

ECU - The European Independent Film Festival 2019 - Best Short Film - Nominee

Social Machinery Film Festival 2017 - Best Screenplay

Silicon Beach Film Festival 2019 - Best Short Film - Nominee

Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2019 - Best Score - Nominee

Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 2016 - Best Screenplay - Nominee

Motion Pictures International Film Festival, Utah 2019 - Opening Film

Brazil International Film Festival 2019 - Best Screenplay - Finalist

Palermo International Short Film Festival 2017 - Best Screenplay - Finalist

Also screened at:

Kinodiseea 2019

Arlington Film Festival 2019

Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival 2019

San Diego Jewish Film Festival 2019

Soma Film Festival, New Jersey 2019

Jayu Human Rights Film Festival, Toronto 2018

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