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Roy Zafrani (MBA, B.Ed) is an award-winning screenwriter, director and editor, and an alumnus of University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).



For over 20 years, Roy has written, directed and edited multiple documentaries, sports events, TV series, commercials and narrative films, including: "The Other Dreamers" (winner of 13 awards, over 100 selections in international film festivals), "Over the Wall" (Best Screenplay at the 2017 LA Indie Film Fest, Best World Cinema Short at the 19th annual Phoenix Film Festival), "On the Edge" (multi-award-winning documentary), "Until the End Amir" (Opening Film at the Oscar Qualifying Festival In the Palace), "Fed Cup", "Davis Cup", "Assi Dayan: Embittered" (Vienna Jewish Film Festival), "On Tiptoes", "European Beach Tennis Championships", the American-Canadian series "The Consulting Offer" (Editor, Season 2) and more.



Some of his producing credits include the American drama "Passage" (Excellence in Producing award at Idyllwild Film Festival), the British spy-thriller "The Doorman", "Opening Serve", and "Davis Cup: Road to the Finals", as well as tens of sports events for TV.



He is currently in production with several projects, including "Jamie's Book" (winner of multiple screenplay awards, including at the 2018 Irvine International Film Festival), the animated short "Lenny" (selected by the Oscar Qualifying Austin Film Festival), the crime comedy "Cursed" (Best Feature Screenplay at the Portland Comedy Film Festival; Semi-Finalist at the Oscar Qualifying Rhode Island Film Festival) and the dramatic fantasy "Mondays with Amy", which recently won Best Screenplay of the Year at the 21st California Independent Film Festival and at the 2018 New York Screenplay Contest.


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Roy's children's book, The Snail Who Left His House, is available on Amazon in English and Spanish

Roy has been featured in and has spoken at:


Roy's award-winning films have been screened at film festivals worldwide, as official selections, special screenings and opening films.


Among his films:


The Other Dreamers is a special documentary about a group of disabled children. The film won 13 international awards, was screened and nominated in over 200 film festivals, and was selected as a Special Screening at several film festivals.


On the Edge tells the story of Alona, who emigrated from Ukraine to Israel when she was 13. When all of her attempts to belong anywhere failed, Alona starts going down, to the darkest side of life. 

On the Edge won several awards, and was screened and nominated in over 100 international film festivals, including the prestigious Women's International Film & Arts Festival in Miami, Salento International Film Festival and more.

It was also featured on Talenthouse, for the 2014 Sundance London Short Film Competition, and on ARF - Film and Culture for Human Rights in Sweden.  


Until the End Amir is a feature-length documentary about Amir Menashe, who was killed in a terror attack in Burgas. The film touched the hearts of millions, showing on several major TV channels worldwide. It was selected as the Opening Film at the Oscar Qualifying Festival In the Palace, won several Best Documentary awards, including at San Francisco Film Awards.


Another film, On Tiptoes (2009), was screened worldwide, and was nominated for Best Documentary award at several international film festivals, including Rendezvous Film Festival, Florida and at the International Film Festival of Odisha, India.


Assi Dayan: Embittered - a series of short films starring Assi Dayan, Israel's most successful and rewarded actor and film director of all time. The film was Dayan's last creation that was ever published, and was selected as a Special Screening at Vienna Jewish Film Festival.


Over the Wall - an award-winning short drama about true friendship in an impossible reality. Best World Cinema Short at the 19th Annual Phoenix Film Festival, Best Screenplay winner at LA Indie Film Fest, Chandler International Film Festival, Best Youth Film at Marina del Rey Film Festival and more.


Jamie's Book has won several international awards, including Best Screenplay at the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and an Honorable Mention at the 2018 Irvine International Film Festival. It was also selected as a Semi-Finalist at the Oscar Qualifying Manhattan Short and a Finalist at the 2017 San Pedro International Film Festival and at the 24th annual San Antonio Film Festival.


In addition to directing and editing, Roy has also produced several short films, including: Klaviermann (dir. Brian Andrew Hose & Sabrina Rücker, Berlin, 2019); The Doorman (dir. Patrick Ryder, London, 2018); and Passage - (dir. Linda Palmer, USA, 2018, winner of the Excellence in Producing award at the 2018 Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema).


He is currently in development with several feature films, including Start Over (comedy), Cursed (Best Feature Screenplay at the Portland Comedy Film Festival; Semi-Finalist at the Oscar Qualifying Rhode Island Film Festival) and Mondays with Amy, which recently won Best Screenplay of the Year at the 21st annual California Independent Film Festival and at the 2018 New York Screenplay Contest.


Also known for: Always Be Happy (2011), Yes Planet (2012), Never Alone (2016), The Entrepreneurs (2017), Davis Cup: Road to the Finals (2009), Happy (2015), Piano Maestro (2014), FedCup (2011) and The Mentors (2014).




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Mondays with Amy - New Poster 2019
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& TV

Roy has worked in numerous film productions within the creative industries, including cinema, theatre and television. 

His TV credits include editing the American-Canadian series, The Consulting Offer (Season 2), starring Kevin P. Coyne, former McKinsey Director & Worldwide Strategy Practice Co-Leader. Among his clients: Nokia, Microsoft, BlueSky, Secugo, Approvider, Keshet TV and more.

In 2014, Roy founded two international film festivals: Top Shorts and Festigious


Top Shorts has quickly become the world's leading online film festival.

In May 2016, Top Shorts was ranked 8th Best Reviewed Festival, out of over 4,300 of the world's best film festivals (and 1st from the online film festivals, "FilmFreeway"). 



While Top Shorts accepts short films (up to 40 minutes), Festigious accepts both short and feature films and has an ambitious goal: to achieve gender equality in filmmaking.



According to "Variety" and "The Guardian", only 7% of the feature films in Hollywood are directed by women. Roy and his team have managed to make a change in the filmmaking industry: 50% of Festigious 2016 official selections were directed by women!


Another competition that Roy has recently been involved with is the Los Angeles Film Awards, where he works with co-director and LA based composer, Nami Melumad.


The judging teams have included some of the world's leading producers, directors and actors:


* Academy Award- and Emmy-nominated director & producer, Mike Tollin (Smallville, Coach Carter)


* Emmy Award-winning actress, Eileen Davidson (The Young and the Restless, Days of Our Lives)


* Two-time Emmy Award-winning writer and producer, Melissa Jo Peltier (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan)


* Six-time Emmy-nominated director, Jeff Melman (Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air


Top Shorts, Festigious and the Los Angeles Film Awards are official events on IMDb, the largest online database of information related to films and TV programs.



"Our mission is to support indie filmmakers worldwide, promote their works and be another step up in their careers.”

Festigious 2016 Official Promo

Top Shorts 2017 Official Promo

Top Shorts Online Film Festival FilmFreeway
Festigious International Film Festival







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Exceptional, Incredibly Patient, Extraordinary...

These are the words that I would use to describe Roy Zafrani and the job that he did for us. 

I would certainly recommend Roy Zafrani and Magic Productions to anyone wanting a promotional video.

-Brian, PS Chemicals

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