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  • תמונת הסופר/תRoy Zafrani

Mondays with Amy


A twelve-year-old dancer with ALS, whose health is deteriorating, meets a boy who claims he knows how to stop time.


Drama, Fantasy

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Nominations & Awards

21th California Independent Film Festival - Winner: Best Screenplay of the year

8th New York Screenplay Contest - Grand Prize Winner: Best Fantasy Screenplay

Barcelona International Film Festival 2019 - Winner

Rhode Island International Film Festival 2020 (Academy-Award Qualifying) - Semi-Finalist

19th Beverly Hills Film Festival - Nominated: Best Screenplay

Colorado Film Festival - Finalist

San Pedro International Film Festival - Finalist

Mallorca International Film Festival - Finalist

Sacramento International Film Festival - Finalist

Los Angeles Screenplay Contest - Finalist

Oregon Film Awards - Winner 2018, Official Finalist

Las Vegas Screenplay Contest - Finalist

Madrid International Film Festival - Finalist

Hollywood Screenplay Contest - Finalist

Australia Independent Film Festival - Finalist

Richmond International Film Festival - Finalist


"The emotion in this script is great and the growing connection between Amy and Jessie is believable and compelling - we're rooting for both of them." - Slamdance Film Festival


Screenplay, for sale

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