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  • תמונת הסופר/תRoy Zafrani

Over the Wall


A coincidental meeting between an Israeli boy and a Palestinian boy leads them to discover that reality is different than what they have been told.



Written & Directed by

Roy Zafrani

Produced by

Mor Cohen, Nami Melumad, Roy Zafrani


Adi Weiss, Assi Goffer, Einav Markel, Mor Cohen, Ido Weiss

Director of Photography

Mathias Zagoni

Original Score

Nami Melumad

Nominations & Awards

Phoenix Film Festival 2019 - Best World Cinema Short

Moscow Shorts 2019 - Best Film

Marina del Rey Film Festival 2018 - Best Youth Film

Chandler International Film Festival 2018 - Best Screenplay

London Independent Film Awards 2017 - Best Screenplay

LA Indie Film Fest 2017 - Best Screenplay

International Independent Film Awards 2016 - Best Screenplay

South Film and Arts Academy Festival 2017 - Best Screenplay

ECU - The European Independent Film Festival 2019 - Best Short Film - Nominee

Social Machinery Film Festival 2017 - Best Screenplay

Silicon Beach Film Festival 2019 - Best Short Film - Nominee

Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2019 - Best Score - Nominee

Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 2016 - Best Screenplay - Nominee

Motion Pictures International Film Festival, Utah 2019 - Opening Film

Brazil International Film Festival 2019 - Best Screenplay - Finalist

Palermo International Short Film Festival 2017 - Best Screenplay - Finalist

Also screened at:

Kinodiseea 2019

Arlington Film Festival 2019

Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival 2019

San Diego Jewish Film Festival 2019

Soma Film Festival, New Jersey 2019

Jayu Human Rights Film Festival, Toronto 2018

Social media

"Teach your children to open their minds and not accept everything as absolute truth. Educate them to have empathy for the other side. Show them that there are good people on the other side as well, and most importantly, tell them that life is short, and it is a shame to waste it on hatred and fear. If there is a change one day, I believe it will come from below, from the people, who will say "Enough, we are tired of this constant pain." When there are enough people on both sides to do it openly, the people at the top will have no choice, they will have to accept the will of their citizens." - An exclusive interview with Roy Zafrani:

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"This has to be the most beautiful and sad film I've seen. True friendship." - Elaine El-Adly

"This movie deserves an Oscar." - Edfuad Mo

"It reminds me, against differences,The boy in the stripped pajamas. Two boys , a wall, a hole in it and the friendship step by step. A touching film in all the senses. Great for each detail. For the acting of the young actors, for the simple story, for the tension and the last scene. Short, a profound useful film." - Kirpianuscus (10/10 rating on IMDb)

"I saw your film at the Phoenix Film Festival. I couldn't watch the rest of the shorts in that block. I was too emotional. You did such a beautiful job showing the humanity and beauty and truth of children. I was so proud of that film and your bravery in shooting it." - Suz Yatim Aslam

"This is the most beautiful work of art I have seen in my life, the best work that expresses peace. Thank you for this work from Sanaa, Yemen" - Fbi Yemen (YouTube)

"The sweetest video I have ever seen. If this doesn't teach us, what else will?" - Joshua Nongkhlaw

"This has to be the most daunting and heart breaking short film I have seen in recent years." - Tinker Tailor

"In 12 minutes and 9 seconds, filmmaker Roy Zafrani brought me to my knees with his short film Over The Wall. A must-see for every parent, the film illustrates the truth of our humanity through the eyes and actions of two young boys who learn that what they’ve been taught is different from the reality they’ve found. Equal parts bold and brilliant, the cinematography is incredible and the message is moving. A powerful lesson learned in 729 seconds." - Allié McGuire, Co-Founder of Awareness Ties

"So terribly sad. Grown ups show hate when children only express peace and desire to live happy in the moment without distinctions." - Patricia Jimenez

"Thank you!!!! I have cried the whole video. Love from Israel." - Val Prem

"I am a Muslim and With the ongoing chaos I see everyone upset and bombarding on social media. Automatically they assume we don’t care because we don’t post I am for this or that. Better than all harsh words this movie gave me peace of mind today. We are one. We need peace and there is mo way we can paint and label everyone in one country as bad and evil. I am sure there are many Jewish brothers and sisters who would want this to end as we want this to end. Hatred is something which politicians feed us to gain our control. Stay safe all, behind both borders & we pray for peace. 😘 This gave me tears. I wish we stop all the wars." - Leesha Haneef

"I grew up in a Maronite Lebanese home. Jews and Muslims... those are our cousins. Family doesn't always agree but we have the responsibility to try." - Deanna Elias

"I'm muslim from philippines i hate israeli, every time I saw a video that israeli kill innocence child i am angry towards them but after i saw this video i am hoping for a better future of Israeli in palestinian that come together holding hand for a better world INSHAALLAH. I am crying right now for these kids 😭💔" - Jhifuqar Alih

"Thank you for sharing this small but brilliant movie." - Randy Gador

"Simple, mildly minimalist film that does a lot with very little, portraying a compelling and relevant topic with a strong humane awareness." - The Cinema Files

"I'm out of words." - Riya Nasnodkar

“I love the characters and the turns the story takes with them. Roy brings such humanity to a very dehumanizing situation. He brings light and love, and reminds us we're all human at the end of the day. We need more people like him to keep that light alive!” - Sherry Vacik

“I wish politicians would learn from it. We are one. We are having one planet to live on, it is better to live peacefully together. Salaam, Shalom to all people who seek peace on earth.” - Naya Shams

“Heartwarming and tragic, all in twelve minutes... Superb writing, directing and acting.” - R Garlin

"Wanna know when peace will come between Israel and Palestine? When he will be the PM of Israel and that Arab boy President of Palestine at the same time ." - Ruhul Amin

"The simplicity, innocence, and purity of these children are disarming and highly commendable. If we could only imitate even an ounce of their goodness perhaps our world is a better place for all of us to live." - John Balao

"Wow, so beautiful. This really poked me in the heart.” - Camille Moore

"Beautifully written, acted, photographed, and directed. If only our world leaders would take 12 minutes and 8 seconds to watch it, we would all be at peace.” - Beverly Gandara

"I don't have the proper words for how important this message is." - Lisa and the Cult Jam (YouTube)

"Let's Hope in the years to come, in reality, the children from both sides grow old to be dear friends in arms and set aside their religious differences and lead peaceful lives their forefathers never had. I know full well how and why was Israel created in the first place by the ethnic cleansing and obliterating the lives of the Palestinians for decades. I would like to forgive all those inhumane acts for the love of humanity. I'd like a Jewish friend, too, without any hate or prejudice, as we all descend from the patriarch Ibrahim AS (Abraham), peace and blessings are upon him and his offspring, be it Jews, Christians or Muslims. Ishmael and Ishaq (Isaac) (may peace and blessings be upon them too) were brothers, for God's sake. Let's not forget that." - Mohammed Fareed

"Amazing screenplay. People are all the same just separated by man made boundaries." - Noel Shaju

"Hearing the boys playing and's priceless!!" - Loren Fabila

"The film is very touching. Congratulations to the writing and directing team." - E Hannan

"Broke my heart when I saw the hole covered up... so sad... bless both boy heart. At least they found within themselves love, peace and laughter." - Luz Rivera

"This is the story of happiness। This story means simple and straightforward. Peace and tranquility will prevail when the two states understand." - Imran Ali Molla

"Omg such a lovely story." - Tshering Youngming

"Heart breaking 💔 children are pure and filled with love with no judgement. Most adults are evil and corrupt their innocent minds with lies and hate ....and so we all remain divided 💔" -

Mano Gak

"I’m a Muslim I’m sobbing and crying at this video it’s beautiful it’s what the world should be." -Shahnaaz Gul

"This was very moving and refreshing by finally showing the Israeli side as well. I hope one day peace will arrive!!!" - Johnny Marrgos

"Just beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Well done.✨" - Lorna Simango

"This is really mind blowing as for me. If we realize that we all were created by one and only almighty, nothing will be unsolved. If we look at the history of origins of jews, christians and muslims, all are from fore father Abraham(Ismail+Isaac ), historically brethren of the religion of Abraham." - Reefas Mohamed

So amazing! Thank you so much for this heartwarming movie!!! We have to learn from our kids!!💙" - theholeymes1 (YouTube)

"Imagine a world where children are not taught about hate, religion is what they believe in their heart, equality is what they see, differences are just not seen. The world would be so much different. A generation which grows with this can definitely make the world a much much better place." - Aniket Ranjan

"Iʼm muslim from Central Asia, Palestine is very sensitive problem for me, I'm like the father of that guy, felt some enjoyment when Hamas rockets reach Israel. But now a bit ashamed of this. Peace for all 🙌" - Abbas Jurayov

"This was today and it'll be tomorrow... Can't stop crying..." - Marc Schmidt

"I like this short film! Isn’t it wonderful to learn that despite the religious differences, we could be friends with any person. It’s time to mend our ways and our beliefs, after all we are all humans....let’s bring back humanity and love into this from the Philippines!" - Franklin Carmelo

"Wow this is a powerful one. The friends ripped from each other because of a conflict they don't even have any interest in. We should all be like the kids and look to be friends first before we decide we don't like someone because of ethnic background, beliefs, or political opinions. We should be human first." - Gamemachine (YouTube)

"Very creative, inspiring, and above all touching." - Neomi De Luca

"It hits hard that there is no resolution, you watch the film assuming the boys would get to communicate with each other again somehow, all stories do.

Maybe thats precisely because it is not a story on the screen, its the real life that is happening right very now. And we as the whole humanity, must finish that resolution ourselves." - Andy Wan

"This is so amazing bought me to tears. children are golden everywhere all the problems are with adults who are selfish this world is so cold.".- Lily Writes

"I'm Palestinian American. After seeing the video, I wish All Israeli and Palestinian are childrens. I think they will get along with each other." - Fayez Mustafa

"Beautiful, but so sad! Between nationalism, religion and the entitlement power arms, dresses up in uniform and sings praises to while it is exercised, how can any theist see this planet as anything other than a prison? It wouldn't bother me so much if I weren't an adult aware that children have to come to grips with it. How did we allow ourselves to end up here? (This is an incredibly provocative little film. I hope it gets seen by many more thousands of people.)" - Mark Sprawson

"Very heart touching, meaningful story" - Emteaj Hossain Litu

"This Is Inspiring Love The Video It Shows That No matter what Their Is A Way Of coming back Together It made me Cry😢" - Musaad Balahim

"Thank you boy for your wisdom, from Fiji Islands." - Eliseo Tabaiwalu

"We need more Nathans ❤️" - Mirza Rifan

"I am just simply short of words to describe.This short film real touched my heart as we should ask ourselves. Why should there be war?" - Wi Gra

"Have the children sit at the UN. There will be a deal by lunch." - Rick Hyne

"This made me cry... I wish for peace... The purity of those two children their friendship joy ❤️ I wish if we all could have stayed like that with love." - Aisha Noor

"I'm so touched by this heart warming video. A child shall lead the way & LOVE will always triumph over hatred." - Norma Hamilton

"I cried my eyes out. This broke me in so many ways." - AJ Kichu

"Be like children and love one another, care for one another, help one another. It really isn't that hard but yet too many want Power instead of Peace... Thank You Lord for this wonderful movie" - Cyndi Duvall



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