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The Snail Who Left His House

About the book

"The Snail Who Left His House" is an inspiring story about a little snail who wants to go to the sea. Very quickly he discovers that the task is a bit more complex than he thought. He is slow and cumbersome and barely manages to move forward, carrying such a big shell on his back.

On his way to the sea, he meets a bird, a rabbit, and an ant – and everyone seems to be so much faster than him. Hoping to become as fast as they are, he decides to leave his shell behind, only to discover that his shell is not his weakness, but his strength.

The message of the story: Each of us has a unique set of skills. We should accept the gifts and qualities we have, and not try to be what we are not.


Children's Book

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"This wonderful children’s book sends out a strong message, encouraging children (and adults!) to love and appreciate themselves for who they are, and to keep in mind that the things about ourselves that we perceive as weaknesses - could actually be our strengths. It’s a useful conversation-starter with your child about creative and positive thinking, and how to make the best use of their full set of skills. A very pleasant reading experience all around. And the illustrations are adorable! Highly recommended." - MC, Amazon


Amazon (English version)

Amazon (Spanish version)

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זה היה הלילה הטוב בחייו של רַיאן, אבל טעות אחת קטנה ושמה אֵריק וטעות אחת גדולה ושמה חאבייר הפכו את הלילה הזה לסיוט אחד ענק שהסתיים בקללה אכזרית. כשריאן מבין שהדרך היחידה להחזיר לעצמו את השפיות היא להת


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