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The World's Most Creative Ads Have One Thing in Common

In one of my recent articles, I introduced four foundations/patterns that can help any business achieve new heights of creativity.

Since then, I've collected many examples in order to demonstrate how these foundations actually work.

Apparently, some of the world's most creative ads and commercials have at least one thing in common: their creators didn't think 'outside the box'. Instead, they followed one of the creativity foundations.

The Simpsons movie ad on an escalator

Panasonic ad - Nose Hair Trimmer

Sticker ad for Golf lessons

Viagra ad

3M ad

Jobs in Town ad - There are better ways to make career

Durex Extra Large ad

KitKat ad

Frontline ad

Jobs in Town ad - Life's too short for the wrong job

Carlsberg ad

Tabasco ad

Please share outstanding commercials/ads you’ve seen that follow the creativity foundations, or if you have any questions, please comment here, and I’ll do my best to help.

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